July 2012 update

Hi all – anyone still out there who reads my (now, occasional) rants.

My blog software had a meltdown a few months back so I just fixed it today and can finally share what’s been going on. So what’s been happening?

Sydney Film Festival – fairly rubbish reproduction of sound at Event cinemas George Street. It seems they are now aware they have issues and will hopefully address them next year.

HDX vs HDNative – well if you use Waves plugins, you’ll lose so many voices and wont be able to run them DSP so I’m sticking on HDNative for the time being. It was either that or go to a HDX2 card system knowing I would lose so many voices on waves plugs. If I was mixing in the room myself I’d stay away from waves and use AAX DSP plugins but there are many dry hires in my room and most of the older engineers wont change their templates and will stick with waves making the HDX a moot point. A massive template for 200 track feature with channelstrips on everything plus verbs and limiters and all the fruit runs at about 65% on my native rig. and we’re expecting 64bit PT later in the year. Why upgrade now?

Loving McDSP at the moment – I’ve revisited analogue channel and found it quite loverly on dialogue along with their de-esser which is a very smart unit, it doesnt need a threshold setting, it automatically adjusts to the signal being fed it!

URS plugins – remember them? I just dug up my old auths to re-visit their S series and N series EQs, still sounding great and surprisingly lean on CPU power for old RTAS code.

Spanner – loving it. Using it on Quad reverbs, and leaving the surrounds muted/down so they are just stereo most of the time, but if I need more, just pull up the surrounds and pan them wherever I want. I could do this workflow with trim plugins and the PT panner but meh, spanner is sexeh and cheap!

EdiCue – just prepped a bunch of dialogue and once more SoundsinSync were great tools to have. I’ll be making some videos to showcase their tools if you havent used them before.

SoundToys – echoboy. that is all.

Sonnox – good to see someone is coding for AAX DSP. Keep up the good work. I may have to use your EQ if massenburg doesnt bring his EQ over!

OH – Avid sold M-Audio and shut down the Sibelius dev team. That was a stupid move. Who knows how this is going to pan out, it could be a disaster or could re-invigorate the company in the pro space. Hard to say at this stage but worth knowing about if youve invested in a bunch of PT gear.

If you haven’t already, check out Flux Verb Session. Super cheap at the moment and fabbo stereo verb, already committed to AAX development as well.

I have a list of videos I intend to make in the coming months, so please come back soon or subscribe or link my RSS somewhere on your browser. See you soon!


  1. Anthony Tiernan says:

    I’m still here Brent!

  2. leyton says:

    welcome back! keen to see the soundsinsync vids. It sounds like you are a native convert, what puter are you using? ram? OS? 200 tracks at 65% sounds reaaallly good.