Instant tone

Need a pip? Maybe a stretch of 1k sine tone at the head of a layback?

Usual thing would be to consolidate a bit of audio and then audiosuite the sig gen, right? Well, try this:

Highlight the selection where you need it and hold shift+ctrl+opt and hit 3 on your qwerty numbers…. instant tone!


  1. Todd Budden says:

    This is a great tip Brent!
    I had a bunch of pre made tone files that I’d drag in but this is even quicker.
    Do you know if there are variations…for example if it was a -18db reference rather than the normal -20db?
    I’ll have a play with this for sure.

  2. Brent says:

    It’s a good little one, isn’t it? It’s clearly a slight modification of the shortcut for consolidating a clip. Unfortunately I don’t know of any variants to it though, sorry!