Plugin Auto (cont)…

To enable or disable a specific parameter in a plugin for automation hold Ctrl+opt+Cmd and click on it, and you’ll get a popup menu to toggle it’s “automatability” (sp!) on/off.

Put that together with the last one and its two mouse clicks to enable everything in a plugin for automation and then disable its bypass without opening that window with the lists. Quick eh? Anyone finding these useful? Post a comment if you are…be nice not to feel like the only guy in the room with a shortcut problem… :)


  1. Keith says:

    These short post are just perfect. Thanks Brent

  2. Steffen says:

    Let it coming Brent – thx a lot :)

  3. Todd Budden says:

    I’ve definitely got a shortcut obsession too Brent…
    Im liking these short posts too…makes it easier for people to retain the info.
    Nice work man.

  4. Keep them coming. I am subscribed to your RSS and love it.

  5. Ben says:

    Same here Brent. Loving the shortcuts! Thanks!