Plugin Auto (still cont)…

OK – the money shot: To quickly see the automation breakpoint playlist/lane for a specific plugin’s parameter hold Ctrl+Cmd and click on that visual parameter in the plugin window and you’ll see your edit window update on that track! Much faster than diving into the track view menu and finding it there…

If you’re on an ICON, holding the same modifiers and touching a pot/fader will achieve the same thing – the track view will change to show its automation!


  1. Kim Lord says:

    Hey Brent, Really enjoying you tips and gems of information. They are helping to consolidate and reinforce all that which you have shown me. Very much appreciated.

  2. Dave Stagl says:

    These are awesome, Brent! Keep ‘em coming, please!

  3. Great Tip! This will really speed things up ;-). However this trick did not seem to work on the EQ3… weird

  4. Brent says:

    Eric – make sure the parameters in the plugin are automation enabled otherwise nothing will happen (they have to be visible in the drop down in the edit window). Also this is mac, PC is a diff shortcut.