Whats going on at Lexicon Pro?

So if you’re anything like me you have probably heard the wonderful things about the Lexicon PCM Native Reverb bundle and thought “Nice, but no way I can afford that at the moment”.┬áThis led me to read up on the cheaper LXP bundle which has a passionate following at a more affordable price point.

Currently all their plugins are ridiculously cheap, up to 75% off, making both a very attractive offer…but should I?

The main developer for Lexicon’s plugin arsenal just left a little while ago – Michael Carnes. He’s set up his own shop and now developing and selling directly against his old employers with one of his new reverbs called “Phoenix” – rising from the ashes…what do we read into that?

Lastly, Lexicon have made no official announcement on AAX support and are not listed on the Avid website as an AAX developer. So…does this massive price drop stink of an “End of Life” firesale?

On the Lexiconpro twitter account there has been ambiguous statements like “Something big is rustling in the air…hmmm Just in time for Christmas too!” – could this indicate EOL and a replcement product on the way?

On the other hand, when I asked their facebook page “Any plans for AAX support now that Michael Carnes has left?” I was told “yep, and I miss Michael too. :) It is an active project now, but no firm date yet”

If I could get something official from Lexicon Pro I’d happily snaffle up the LXP bundle from audiodeluxe or plugindiscounts but unless I know its not going to go the way of the Nuverb, Opus or Studio which were all pricey products that were EOL’ed rather quickly, then there’s no way I’m buying something now that won’t work with the next major version of PT (which will drop RTAS support).

So what are the alternatives? I can’t help but love the little Relab LX480Lite verb (which has a big brother on the way) for its absolute uncoloured space. There’s also Softube’s TSAR reverb which gets good reviews and is already AAX. Then there’s the more rich and robust Valhalla options not counting the new Michael Carnes options from Exponential Audio previously mentioned. There’s also the 2c audio Breeze and Aether options and if you want to take a chance on them, there’s the IRCAM Verb session (but myself and many others have had a terrible time getting support from them, so I’d stay clear if I were you).

Times are good if you’re looking for a cheap reverb – it’s just a question of who you take your chances with (and what your collaborators will also buy, so you can share automation!)…


  1. Keith says:

    Hey Brent. Could you fix the Lexicon Pro link? It goes to Sonnox website.

  2. Brent says:

    fixed – random much!!?

  3. Nenad says:

    Brent, did you have tip on simply mapping first 8 faders of control surface (command 8 in my case) to the faders of Lexicon PCM plug in’s? I don’t get Lex guys on their idea of auto mapping in pro tools!?