iPads for audio, jan 2013

So I just scored a new retina ipad! Happy boy, having seen the rest of my technologically challenged family all adopt them before me…
So, what to use it for? Seems like the main contenders are:

Air display for extending the desktop – love this for loudness meters and video universe and memory locates

Actions – create macros much like quick keys and customise them on the tablet to send controls to your main pt rig, nice if you don’t have an artist control or are used to one

Vcontrol pro – awesome for non icon users or folks who want a cool surround panner or many other things, great app worth every cent

Lemur and touchOSC for the MIDI brothers out there. My axiom pro has enough hands on to get me into trouble without adding these to my life as yet

There are a multitude of rta’s and dB meters out there, I find it useful to have one for a just in case scenario to check room calibration

I’m enjoying using Siri to enter reminders and appointments and things like this. Much easier than all the pull down date crap in the typical apple UI

Skype of course is tops and podcasts have been a staple of mine for some time – shout out to tone benders!

The WordPress app on the ipad is quite useful for blogging as well – using it right now

Teamviewer allows me to control my pt rig from afar. Useful for when processing stuff, so you can check on progress afk.

Flipboard is scarily amazing. It definitely knows too much about me but makes for great reading

Shame that Gobbler only have an iPhone app. Looking forward to them making the most of the iPads screen real estate.

Dropbox on the other hands is great both for cloud access and as a reader of documents

Liking Remote as well for control of iTunes on my laptop if we’re having a BBQ outside. A handy app.

So what else have you discovered/are using?


  1. Sam Ada says:

    Animoog is pretty sweet.

    Curtis – is a really cool granular synthesis app. Made by the author of “The computer Music Tutorial”, it lets you touch the sound.

    TNR-i – its a Tenori emulation at a fraction of the price.

    theres cool apps kinda like V-control for Ableton Live called touchAble.

    Reactable – Another synthesis app which brings new meaning to the word modular.

    Non audio related I just fell in love with Paprika, a recipe manager.

    And Angry Birds!!

    this list could be a lot longer btw.

  2. justin says:

    been gagging to comment on this and now I finally can.

    Spanner 2.x has a dedicated iPad remote app and it’s available now, for free from the appStore.