Ediload – EDL Conforming

Hi all,

Ediload is a brilliant app from Sounds in Sync that does all sorts of things for folks in post production. This video shows how it can generate “dummy” audio files with metadata from an EDL to allow PT10 expand tracks functionality to sync your location sound files.

Why would you need to use this workflow? Embedded OMFs/AAFs. If you get an embedded OMF or AAF from FCP or Adobe Premiere chances are the new audio media that has been created inside the container will not have the iXML metadata retained from location, so you wont be able to match the location sound files to the cut you’ve been given. Coming from Media composer you should be alright post v5.5, when from memory Avid implemented “metadata persists” (double check that if you’re specc’ing a workflow).

EdiloadConform from Brent Heber on Vimeo.



  1. Thanks for a great video on this, and for the shout out Brent ;)

  2. Awesome video Brent, really useful thanks! Looking forward to the next one.